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For Clean Earth Collections owner Jonathan Cummings, land management has been a decades-long vocation. An avid outdoorsman, he didn't mind mowing the grass or doing any other childhood chores where he was able to enjoy nature. Scouting programs allowed him to spend summers and free time in camping programs. By the time he reached the level of Eagle Scout, he knew he wanted to pursue a career that allowed him to serve as an advocate of the outdoors, appreciating the wonder and beauty of creation.

Responsible land management has come naturally to him, and his collaborations with State Parks and Friends of Radnor Lake showcase his commitment to the environment.

Clean Earth Collections has a 20+ year track record of quality service at reasonable rates. Jonathan is a hands-on owner who will even operate the machines himself. Many of his dedicated team of 20 employees have been with him for more than a decade. Clean Earth Collections cares about conserving land's natural beauty, while still efficiently preparing it for clients' purposes.

Clean Earth Collections prides itself on being "Sponsored by Mother Nature."

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