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What Could Your Land Be?

Clean Earth Collections specializes in environmentally friendly land clearing, excavation, and stump grinding. We utilize top-of-the-line machinery such as the PrimeTech PT-300 and PT-175 to efficiently manage and clear vegetation. Our services are suited for anyone - from farmers to land developers. If you have a vision for a piece of property, we can help bring it about.

Our Machines Can Serve Many Purposes:

  • Clearing land for construction
  • Removal of invasive growth
  • Removal of decayed growth
  • Reclaiming acreage on farms
  • Park and recreational maintenance
  • Creating pastures for farming
  • Creating food plots for hunting
  • Land conservation
  • Land enhancement
  • And more

PrimeTech PT-300

Suited for larger jobs, the PT-300 can perform heavy forestry work on a variety of environments and ground types, including muddy, soft, or rocky terrain. It is highly capable of clearing land and chopping trees on an incline as well.

Clean Earth Collections

PrimeTech PT-175

Ideal for smaller jobs, the PT-175 can get into tight areas for land clearing and mulching. Its compact size makes it ideal for use in residential areas. The PT-175 also has a light footprint that allows it to access hard to reach areas with minimal disturbance.

Clean Earth Collections

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Clean Earth Collections

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